Gemscool PB Online

Gemscool PB  is an online war game or FPS (First Person Shooter). PB online games delivered by famous Gemscool. In this game we can fight with everybody in Indonesia, while experience gathered to ride higher levels.

Point Blank has a game mode that varied and unique.

In this mode the game Point blank, we’ll meet the bomb Mission, Death Match, Annihilation and destroy mission. Graphics in Point Blank as real, approaching reality, make ourselves feel ourselves being swallowed up in the actual battlefield. Advanced map, physical effects such as glass breaking and damage from the explosion also looked real.

System waiting room at Point Blank is also unique. We are probably not going to wait until all slots are filled. As long as the opponent is READY, then the game can go. Another user who wants a combined could immediately join any time.

Against The A.I.

If we felt we were not strong enough to compete with the enemy, provided by access exercise against the AI. The level of difficulty in this mode will adapt to the ability of his players. All the weapons that we later will always be unique, because the weapon will be extended version is available.

Helmet Protection

The protection a helmet was a supporter of the war. The function of the helmet is a protective security for the players. The existence of this protective helmets, players did not immediately die if hit by a head Shot.

An Interesting Mission

Point Blank out the Mission for each round of the game. This system will provide a personal benefit for us.

The Story Point Blank

Free Rebels

Increasing immigrants who cannot get a job and was expelled from the community, so as to survive the immigrant then conducted various criminal acts of robbery to drug supply is prohibited.

The crime was developed by the teroganisir movement and formed by the organization called Free Rebels. The goal is to control all trade banned drugs and weapons worldwide and to create a sense of fear for society.

Due to a conflict with the immigrants who are increasingly widespread, the Government decided to set up by an organisation specifically to confront the terrorists. Since the Organization was formed by him, they begin to search for information and the presence of the terrorist organization called Free Rebels.

In line with the growing terrorist threat, the Government then sends the help best available troops in a Government that then come and gather as well as changing its name to CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).