Gemscool PB Online

Gemscool PB was game the online war or FPS (First Person Shooter). Game online PB was presented by Gemscool that was famous. In game this we could wage war with all the person in Indonesia, while gathered experience to rise the higher level.

Point Blank had mode game that variatif and unique.

In mode the Point Blank game, we will meet Bomb Mission, Death Match, Annihilation and Destroy Mission. Graphic in Point Blank like real, approached the reality, made ourselves felt ourselves was swallowed in the actual battlefield. The sophisticated map, the physical effect like glasses broke and damage resulting from the explosion also looked real.

The waiting room system in Point Blank this was also unique. We might not be waiting until all slot was filled up. Provided that the opponent READY, then the game could go. The other user that wanted combined could direct join at any time.

Against A.I.

If we felt we were not yet strong enough to compete against the enemy, was provided by exercise access opposed AI. the Level of the difficulty in mode this will adapt to his player’s capacity. All the weapons that we with later will be always unique, because the weapon will be available the version extended.

Helmet Protection

Helmet protection was the supporter in waging war. The function from this helmet for the patron of the security of the player. With the existence helmet protector this, the player indirectly died if being affected by Head Shot.

The Interesting Mission

Point Blank knew the mission that for each round of the game. System this will give the personal profit for us.

Point Blank Story

Free Rebels

Increasingly the immigrant’s increase that did not get the work and was expelled from the community, so as to survive the immigrants afterwards carried out various criminal act sorts from the robbery to medicine circulating was banned.

This criminal action developed by the movement that teroganisir until being formed by the organisation that was named Free Rebels. His aim simply to control all the trade in medicine was banned and the weapon all over the world as well as created the fear for the community.

CT Force

Because conflict with immigrants increasingly widespread, the government decided to be formed by a special organisation to face the terrorists. Since being formed by him this organisation, they began to look for information and the existence from the organisation of the terrorist that was named Free Rebels.

In line with the increase in the terrorist’s threat, the government afterwards sent help of best troops available in the government that afterwards came and gathered as well as changed the names to CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).